Tuesday 4 February 2020

HUH? Dopey Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Urges Senators to Impeach Trump and Do It for John McCain? (Video)

In his closing arguments on Monday dopey Democrat Hakeem Jeffries called on US Senators to vote for impeachment for John McCain.
Do it for John McCain!
It was another bizarre argument by Hakeem.
Hakeem Jeffries: The late senator John McCain was an astounding man, a man of great principle, a great patriot. He fought admirably in Vietnam and was imprisoned as a POW for over five years. As you all are aware, Senator McCain was a great supporter of Ukraine, a great supporter of Europe, a great supporter of our troops. Senator McCain understood the importance of this body. The Ukrainians and the Europeans and the Americans around the world and here at home are watching what we do.
Rush Limbaugh weighed in on Hakeem’s arguments: That’s it? You gotta convict Trump because of McCain and Ukraine? That’s the best they got? I thought they had a slam-dunk case. I thought they didn’t need witnesses because they proved their case over and over again. Now we gotta go back and remind these guys in the Senate that John McCain used to be there, and we gotta do what McCain would want? “Yes, that’s exactly right. McCain would want this.

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