Monday 24 February 2020

Bernie Sanders Seattle Campaign Headquarters Vandalized, State Director Makes Excuse for the Culprit

The Bernie Sanders campaign headquarters in Seattle was vandalized on Friday evening by someone who threw a rock through the glass door, but the state director is defending the culprit.

Sanders has been the subject of disdain from the liberal establishment, to the point where he is now being accused of being a favorite of “the Russians,” much like President Donald Trump was.
According to a Facebook post by Carin Chase, the campaign director for Washington State, people were in the office when the rock flew through the door.
“Thank you to all who have expressed concern well wishes and support after our vandalism at the Bernie HQ office tonight – especially to Josh Vaughn who avoided the rock, my son Chase Simerka and Denise So for immediately stepping up with the plywood and carpentry to secure our site; Iggy who just last night is back from Nevada jumped in to assist, Shaun Scott for steady support and Melissa for coffee and the brooms!” Chase wrote.
She also made excuses for the vandal, saying that “we know there are systemic issues driving people to the brink.”
“Josh said it best: ‘…whatever the reason, whoever you are, we know that this kind of outburst doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We know there are systemic issues driving people to the brink. And we will continue to fight so that you and everyone else suffering in this country can be lifted off the ground and get the help they need,'” Chase added.
Sanders’ state field director, Shaun Scott, told US News that they do not know who targeted the headquarters, but police are currently investigating the incident.
“This is not going to be something that deters us, that makes us feel less bold and pushing for the changes that we need to see in our democracy,” Scott said.

The Washington primaries will take place on March 10.

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