Tuesday 28 January 2020

'Keep your door SHUT': Pittsburgh police urge residents to call 911 if they hear recording of baby crying or child asking for help

Pittsburgh police are warning residents on the South Side to stay indoors and call 911 if they hear recordings that sound like a baby crying or a child asking for help outside their homes, as authorities investigate multiple instances where people reported the eerie sounds.

What are the details?

Reporter Royce Jones of KDKA-TV has been following the story, and took to Twitter on Friday, saying, "If you heard a baby crying outside your door what would you do? Pittsburgh Police say keep your door SHUT and call POLICE." 
Authorities confirmed to TribLive that "police have received four reports from different areas of the South Side" from callers who have claimed to hear what sounded like recordings of a crying baby or a child's voice. But each time officers have been dispatched to investigate, they did not hear the sounds themselves and have been unable to discover its source.
The Daily Mail reported that locals chimed in on Twitter also reported hearing the sounds, with one person claiming, "My husband heard this on 3 separate spread out occasions the last being over the summer," adding, "It was a girls voice in the distance saying help me. He was outside with our dogs. Twice late at night, once in the middle of the day."
Royce interviewed two sorority sisters who heard the noises outside their residence. The college students said they have been on high alert, and have made sure none of them are alone outside until police are able to determine where the purported recordings are coming from.
The reporter said that "obviously the people who live in the apartments where this is happening are freaked out."

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