Thursday 21 November 2019

Gun control activists stick it to the NRA … by cleaning up its front lawn

A gun control group recently cleaned up trash in front of the National Rifle Association's headquarters in a head-scratching attempt to send the pro-Second Amendment organization a message.
The group, Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence, posted a video on Twitter Monday announcing that the group had adopted a road outside NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, and were picking up trash to let the NRA know "their days of playing dirty with our politics are over."
"For years, the NRA has used money and power to play dirty," the video narration stated. "Those days are over."
"We're cleaning up after the NRA in their own front yard, and wherever else they've made a mess," the narration continued as news headlines about Democratic victories in Virginia elections are displayed.
"Help us clean up the NRA," the narrator as the video displays a call to action for the audience: "Text TRASH to 90975."
As one would expect, the video elicited a laughable response on Twitter.
Here is a roundup of some of the best replies to the video:
  • "I also support the second amendment, can you come sweep my driveway?"
  • "This makes zero sense, but thanks for virtue signaling."
  • "I love guns. Can you clean my house?"
  • "When you guys are done there, San Francisco has a couple hundred thousand piles of human feces that need scooped up"
  • "Pretty cool that you guys have solved gun violence."
  • "This is not how killing them with kindness works"
  • "Typically, roadside garbage isn't created by the homes and businesses located on that road. The NRA has nothing to do with any garbage that might be there. Just like the NRA has nothing to do with mass shootings, either. But yeah, sure, this will really show them."
In a news release, the gun control group reasoned, "the NRA is mired in numerous lawsuits and multiple scandals — the least we could do is clean up their neighborhood."
Evidently, the organization is not finished either. Giffords plans to clean the highway in front of the NRA headquarters twice a year for the next three years.
Over the past several months, Giffords has advocated for gun control reform by supporting General Assembly candidates in Virginia that put gun safety high on their priority list. According to the news release, almost 60 percent of Giffords-backed candidates won their state legislative races.

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