Sunday 25 March 2018

A Cancer Story That Won't Make You Cry! (53 Pics)

So here i am 3 ish years ago 
Regular college student dude
Here i am giving a presentation.

till this swelling in my leg wouldn't go down...

and felt kinda... well, bony.
So they took a sample (googly growth unrelated)
So they put in my Porta catheter (to inject medication directly through my heart)
And here it is in action (ex-gf broke up with me this day. She said she couldn't handle it)
I threw up sooooo much pizza that night
about a week later this was goin' on... so naturally
then my tiny beard fell out too
And i had to move to San Antonio for specialized treatment (700 miles from my home in NM)
My cancer was rare and presented itself in a weird way...
Then i qualified for help from the Ronald McDonald house at 22 i barely qualified.
The second round of Chemo looked like Hulk Green.
Here's my view from the hospital.
Then some more shit luck,
The chemo wasn't very effective on my tumor so
my docs decided amputation was the best bet. (next picture is slightly NSFL)
more looking pensive. I peed in the bottle lots
Here's my leg a few weeks after the operation.
you wanna know how i got these scars?
isn't it obvious?

During chemo when people asked if i needed anything i'd tell them send strippers. So my friend obliged!

Lots and lots of drugs
But I WAS IN REMISSION NOW! HOORAY! and here's my victory beard!
Having one leg lets you meet people like members of your favorite bands! like Dr. Greg Graffin from Bad Religion
And Passafire!
And Streetlight Manifesto!
So I needed to start with working on prosthetic stuff, which made my leg look like a boob.
but it took forever and i was just on crutches.
My brother said this'll do.
And i tried to get back to my regular life and "work".
Then after months of fighting insurance... I got it. Sweet fit huh?
Here's what the foot looks like
And the leg part!
Sometimes you just wanna feel pretty.
The docs decided i needed to do a week boot camp in rehab before i could do weekly visits.
Since the amp i hadn't got much attention from women, at all, so someone made this to cheer me up
and then i was finally out of my bad luck!
Well at least i thought...
Until my best friend passed away. RIP Ajax
and i fell on my hip breaking my femur a week later.
it was the worst pain i've ever expericenced
Until i got a fuck ton of painkillers! and then i felt like i was in batman.
But you know, Shit happens, you've just gotta roll with it.
Here i am two weeks later getting my staples from surgery taken out and looking sexy.
Here are some of the staples. LOOK AT MY BUTT EVERYONE!
And here are my parents, Who helped me learn to walk many more times than they should have.
And here i am at my last show. Another few weeks and i'll start Physical therapy again.

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