Wednesday 10 January 2018

Puppy Gets Rescued From A Canyon (10 Pics)

This puppy was lost 350 ft deep in a canyon. Luckily someone took him home and gave him the life he deserved.

The entrance. 

The exit.
The dog eating a much needed meal. 
Unable to rescue the dog that afternoon, Anderegg left food and water and set out to fetch what he’d need to save the pup’s life. 
He was back the very next morning, ready to bring the dog to safety. 
The poor little guy had to spend some time at the animal hospital.
And even after that, it took him a while to get his strength back.
But it all led to him finding a new home and a new name: Riley. 
Riley with his savior.
Riley living the life he was always meant to lead. 

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