Saturday 27 January 2018

New refrigerators on Air Force One will cost taxpayers $24 million

Air Force One has no chill.
Two outdated refrigerators on Air Force One will cost taxpayers an eye-watering $24 million to replace.
The refrigerators, which date back to 1990, have been faltering despite regular maintenance, an Air Force spokesperson said.
“The units are unable to effectively support mission requirements for food storage,” Ann Stefanek told Defense One.
Experts insist this isn’t a case of egregious price gouging, and the “cold chiller units” won’t resemble the typical kitchen appliance, since they’re required to store 3,000 meals.
The $23.6 million Boeing contract includes everything from the custom design to installation and testing. 
The two new cooling systems should be installed before Oct. 30, 2019, with work taking place in Oklahoma City, San Antonio and several other locations, according to the contract.
Former President Barack Obama’s senior adviser Eric Schultz greeted the news with a tweet that read “we would have been impeached.”
Obama halted the order for a new fleet of presidential helicopters because they would have ended up costing at least $11 billion, CNN reported.

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