Sunday 28 January 2018

Joe Scarborough Laughs At Fox News Pivot On Report Trump Tried To Fire Mueller

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough broke down laughing Friday after airing a clip in which Fox News host Sean Hannity bashed a New York Times story that President Donald Trump tried to fire Russia probe special counsel Robert Mueller, before saying sources confirmed the report and pivoting to a car crash video.
Hannity on Thursday said, “The New York Times is trying to distract you,” referring to its report that day that Trump last summer directed White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller, but backed down when the lawyer threatened to resign. 
"Our sources, and I've checked in with many of them, they're not confirming that tonight," Hannity said on his program. "And the president's attorney dismissed the story and says 'nope, no comment, we're not going there tonight.'"
But near the end of the segment, Hannity made an about-face. 
“All right, so we have sources tonight just confirming to Ed Henry that, maybe, yeah, Donald Trump wanted to fire the special counsel for conflict. Does he not have the right to raise those questions?" Hannity said.
"You know, we'll deal with this tomorrow," the Fox News host said, then switched gears to a video of a car crash in Arizona.
Scarborough laughed hysterically and likened the segment to Democratic strategist James Carville. 
“Look over there! It’s straight out of the Carville handbook,” Scarborough said. “Look at the car wreck, look at the car wreck! Oh my god, I don’t even know where to begin.”
The television hosts have butted heads in the past. Scarborough last year called Hannity’s show “state-run television." Hannity, who like the president has voiced concern that Mueller's investigation may be politically biased, fired back by saying Scarborough had “sold his soul” to stay employed with MSNBC.

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