Sunday 21 January 2018

12-Year-Old Boy With Flu-Like Symptoms Dies After Virus Test Comes Back Negative

A 12-year-old in Michigan died after exhibiting flu-like symptoms earlier this month.
Jessica Decent-Doll, of Sterling Heights, said her son, Michael Messenger, fell ill while eating dinner with his family on January 9., and began vomiting, The Times Herald reported.
Messenger, who’d received his flu vaccination in December, was taken to urgent care by his family the next day after his symptoms did not improve.
Decent-Doll told the paper that doctors gave Michael a rapid test for the flu but it came back negative.
“The doctor said to keep an eye on him and keep giving him fluids,” Decent-Doll told the Times-Herald.
They prescribed him anti-nausea medication and gave him fluids, his mom said.
The next day things took a turn for the worse when Michael’s dad found him unresponsive on his bedroom floor, and struggling to breathe.
His dad performed CPR, and Michael was transported to a local hospital where he died a short time later, reports said.
“It’s indescribable, it really is,” Decent-Doll told the paper.
The family is reportedly still waiting on an autopsy report.
“Don’t wait, it’s all I can say,” Decent-Doll said. “This flu or whatever is going around this year is unbelievably dangerous."
The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) reports that the flu vaccine lessens the chance that someone catches the virus by 10 to 60 percent.

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