Tuesday 14 November 2017

Cop gives himself a ticket after accidentally parking in handicapped spot

A Milwaukee police officer certainly didn’t show any favoritism when he issued a ticket for parking in a handicapped parking spot.
That’s because the person he gave that ticket to was himself.
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says he parked his police vehicle near the Milwaukee County War Memorial for a Veterans Day ceremony Wednesday.
According to Clarke, he instructed a fellow officer to move the vehicle to another location, but that request was not followed through with. 
When he returned to his vehicle, he noticed it had been left in a handicapped parking spot for the duration of the Veterans Day ceremony.
So he dutifully issued a parking ticket to the person who had left the vehicle there: himself.
“The rules are the same for my squad as any car except in an emergency or official business but not in a handicap area,” Clarke said in a press releasefrom the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.
The county fine for parking in the handicapped spot was $35 U.S.
Because the city fine for said violation would have been more, Clarke also donated $200 to “an organization that works with the disabled.”
His press release closes with a promise to investigate why his request to move the vehicle was not moved, but ultimately he says the blame for parking in the space lies with him.

“[Parking there] is inexcusable,” Clark said.

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