Monday 16 October 2017

Victoria's Secret thieves lead cops on a high-speed chase

Brittany R. Bobo, 24, Shomyia Hemphill, 28, and Lamonica McGee, 23, face felony theft charges after the trio allegedly shoplifted $7,500 worth of merchandise from a Victoria’s Secret store. The three women are in custody after leading police on a high-speed chase in Lake St. Louis, Mo.
The women walked into the store at the Meadows Shopping Center last week and began building stacks of clothes from the display tables. Once each had a bundle of apparel, they ran out of the store.
The three took off in a maroon 2007 Nissan Ultima, and police soon gave chase. In an effort to avoid capture, the women drove into oncoming traffic on a local highway and then over a concrete divider to avoid a head-on collision.
This caused one of their tires to blow out, but the thieves continued down Interstate 64 at high speed. Riding on the rim caused the car to burst into flames, shutting down all but one lane of the eastbound side of the highway.

Two of the suspects fled on foot, but Bobo reportedly stayed with the car and was arrested at the scene. Hemphill and McGee were both apprehended not long after. None were injured. All of them face felony stealing charges, and Hemphill an additional charge for resisting arrest. Bond has been set for each of them at $10,000.
Costly shoplifting sprees are nothing new to Victoria’s Secret. Late last year, three women were arrested for stealing thousands in merchandise from several stores. In February, a south Florida man was tased by police after stealing $4,000 in bras and panties.
In another case, three suspects can be seen on security camera footage running out of a mall, arms loaded with items, dropping some as they fled.

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