Sunday 15 October 2017

The Japanese SkyCycle Thrill Ride (9 Pics)

What is the scariest amusement park ride you have ever been on? Is it one that spins? Or maybe it’s one that goes really high into the sky, then drops you back down to ground level in a matter of seconds. Well, let us introduce you to the Japanese SkyCycle. It is probably the world’s most terrifying amusement park ride. It’s located in Japan at the Okayama Prefecture Brazilian Washuzan Highland Park. It’s very slow moving, which probably makes this ride even more terrifying. You actually sit in a little rusty basket high up on a metal track, and the reason it is slow moving is because you are the one powering the basket along the track. There is not a motor of any kind, so the speed you go is highly dependent on you, the rider. Just wait until you see this terrifying Japanese SkyCycle.

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