Sunday 29 October 2017

Councilman demands law to prevent cops from having sex on duty

A New York City Councilman is calling for a law that will make it illegal for cops to have sex while on duty.
This comes after the NYPD  confirmed that 2 police officers accused of raping an 18-year-old woman while on duty have been suspended without pay.
In conversations with colleagues, the officers have insisted that the sex was consensual, sources told The Post.
"There is no such thing as consensual sex when someone is in police custody that is rape," Councilman Mark Treyger said.
Councilman Treyger is drafting legislation that would make it a crime for a police officer to have sex with a suspect taken into custody.  This all stems from allegations that 2 NYPD detectives had sex with a suspect in the back of a police van in a  Chipotle parking lot on Cropsy Avenue in Coney Island back in September.  Treyger says there are laws on the books for corrections officers and parole officers but not cops.
"The law right now says corrections officers cannot have sex with inmates,  parole officers cannot have sex with parolees, there is nothing a glaring omission for police officers and people in their custody."
According to published reports, narcotics detectives found pot and prescription drugs on an 18-year-old woman.  They are accused of handcuffing her inside an unmarked police van and raping her. Treyger says he was outraged when an attorney for the cops stated the sex was consensual.
"How can anyone provide consent when they're in handcuffs, and when they're under police custody? That is a power dynamic that does not make sense for consensual sex, that is rape."
According to published reports, the cops will surrender on Monday.
Michael David, attorney for the victim, released this statement "This validates what my client had always said — that she was kidnapped, handcuffed, and brutally raped and then thrown onto the street by two on duty officers.  We would expect the police commissioner to take immediate action in firing these two officers.  Additionally we request that all this shaming of the victim of this vicious attack be stopped immediately.  We look forward to the conviction of these two individuals. "

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