Friday 22 September 2017

These Golden Rays Provide Amazingly Rare Ocean Photos

What is that?

It is thousands of golden rays. Yes, I said thousands.

Twice a year, the golden rays migrate to warmer waters.

To appreciate these rare ocean photos a little bit more, each ray is about 6 feet long in size, and there are about 10 thousand of them traveling together.

As they move along the surface, it makes the ocean appear golden.

A ray has a stinger to fight off its attackers and it is extremely poisonous.

But they will only use it if they feel cornered.

What an amazing site to see. It does only happen twice a year, so it is a rare event to witness in person. The beauty of nature around us is really something that we should all try to appreciate more throughout our daily lives.  These rare ocean photos make me want to see a lot more of the wonderful world we live in.

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