Friday 29 September 2017

Man Gives the Ultimate Gift of Love to the World in Honor of His Deceased Wife (7 pics)

When Hyong Yi lost his wife, Catherine to ovarian cancer a year ago he wanted to find a way to honor her life and keep her memory alive. 
He spent over a month writing 100 love notes which he and his kids handed out to strangers in North Carolina as a way of gifting “love” to the world.

The content of the letters was based on memories and conversations he and his wife shared over the course of their relationship.

“I wanted them to experience how it felt to give this gift, rather than just be spectators,” Yi said of getting his little ones involved.
The event even prompted a number of Yi’s friends to create a website where his notes could be published online.

According to Hyong, “The most difficult, rewarding part of the past year has been to try and define a life worthy of Catherine. What is a life well lived? My conclusion: a life filled with love. Catherine taught me this,” Yi wrote in a Facebook post.

It was also the culmination of a year-long healing process. “For the last month, I was really looking forward to doing this with my children.”
“People sometimes take loved ones for granted. Be thankful for everyone around you,” Yi’s daughter Anna told the media.

According to Yi, “one of the things my wife was most concerned about was being forgotten. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen now.” My heart goes out to you, Hyong. You are the embodiment of love and courage for your adoring kids.

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