Thursday 17 August 2017

Realistic Family Photos That Give an Honest View on Family Life (26 pics)

Family photos are normally posed and show a staged view of life but these images depict the other side of this that is actually more normal.

Every moment is contained chaos.

The mornings are always the biggest struggle.

Every kid’s moment in the spotlight is inevitably followed by the other siblings’ jealousy.

Vomit comes when we least expect it.

Seriously, vomit is a ninja.

Artistic creation always comes at a cost.
Even with age, kids will always be kids.
Boys have a hard time handling rejection from the ladies.
Whereas others have a more relaxed approach.
It's tough being a mom.
and even tougher finding time for the simple things.
It's always the one you least expect ruining the moment.

The second-child syndrome is always alive and well.
Good luck getting everyone in the frame at once.

The digital age makes it tough to get the perfect Christmas moment.

and visits home ALWAYS result in fixing Mom's computer.
Even photo ops with the President don't go as planned.
The more important the photo, the less likely the younger family members will cooperate.

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