Wednesday 19 July 2017

Photos That Will Put You in a Good Mood (25 pics)

Shaq chilling with a sea lion:
This grandma on a surfboard:

This drunk cow and this sober cow:
Kanye walking mini Kanye:
This man wearing traffic cones:
 This dog riding a toy horse:

This dog costume:
Astronaut sloth:
These dogs:
Jesus taking a selfie:
This fat cat:
This attempt at a kid snack:
This woman worried about ATM security:
This lizard that looks like Spider-Man:
This city’s solution to people complaining they couldn’t read the print on their parking tickets:
This cat who crawled into a case of water:
This polar bear selfie:
These horses fist-bumping:
This perfectly timed slide photo:
This baby:
This dog dressed like Yoda:
This parrot and his watermelon:
This bird eating a chocolate fountain:

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