Friday 27 October 2023

Pro-Hamas Activists ‘Turned New York Into 1930s Berlin’ With Latest Stunt

 For days, pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas activists have been tearing down the missing posters featuring the images of Israeli civilians who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and taken into Gaza. But in New York City, they appear to have taken things a step further.

According to a photo shared on X by Inez Stepman, instead of ripping the posters down and throwing them on the ground or in the trash, activists in New York City have taken to adding “OCCUPIER” labels — creating the illusion that the person in the photo is wanted for some crime, as opposed to the victim of one.

“New tactic: slapping the label ‘occupier’ over the posters of the women and children taken hostage to tell people that their lives don’t matter,” Stepman said of the move.

“Absolutely twisted,” Guy Benson said. “They’ve gone from ripping down hostage posters — which was disgusting enough — to basically turning them into wanted posters. Message: These Jews kidnapped by Hamas deserve it.”

Jarrett Stepman added, “Libs turned New York into 1930s Berlin.”

“What this really says is ‘kill more Jews,'” David Marcus said.


“The logic here is that there is no such thing as an Israeli civilian — it doesn’t matter where you live, what your politics are, what kind of activism you’re involved with,” Arno Rosenfeld added. “Any Jewish person in Israel is supposedly a legitimate target for violence.”

“Evil. There’s evil in our midst and it’s far more prevalent — especially on our college campuses — than anyone wants to admit,” Andrew Wagner, executive director of the Minnesota House GOP, pointed out.

“Accusing the hostage of wrongdoing is more repulsive than tearing the poster down,” Jen Wright posted. “The people defacing these posters are nothing more than anti-Jew, antisemite, pro-Hamas, hate-filled terrorists. Thankfully vengeance is God’s. I pray for their souls. May they repent and be saved.”

“This is the most evil, disgusting, antisemitic act I’ve seen. These people do not care about Jewish lives. The first step is to dehumanize us so it makes our murder palatable,” Adam Weiss said.

According to the most recent reports, some 200 Israelis are still being held hostage by Hamas terrorists in the spiderweb-like network of tunnels beneath Gaza. Only a small number of those who were kidnapped on October 7 — during the brutal massacre Hamas carried out against Israeli civilians — have been returned in the days since, and a few of them were American citizens.

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