Monday, 17 July 2023

Democrat Boston mayor faces backlash for sending 'hit list' of critics to police over alleged security concerns

 Democratic Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is facing backlash after it was recently revealed that her administration created a list of outspoken critics and sent it to police, the Boston Herald reported.

Wu's administration admitted to sending the list but insisted it was compiled at the request of the Boston Police Department over alleged security concerns. 

A public records request uncovered an email sent by Wu's former director of constituent services, Dave Vittorini, to Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo. The email contained a list of 15 individuals considered to be Wu's most outspoken critics, including City Council candidate Christine Vitale and several protesters.

One of the individuals on the list was reportedly "a woman with the last name of Thuy who was arrested before." The email did not specify why the individuals were listed. Two of Wu's aides were also copied on the correspondence.

According to Wu's administration, the email was sent to police at their request following protests outside the mayor's residence. 

Wu recently passed an ordinance banning protests outside the mayor's home during certain hours of the day.

Ricardo Patron, a spokesperson for Wu, told the Herald, "The list was made in response to a request from the Boston Police Department after the Mayor had been harassed and physically intimidated by individuals for several months outside her home, at city functions such as the annual neighborhood parks coffee hours, and at other public events." 

"The request (from police) came after many of the individuals on the list repeatedly impeded the Dorchester Day Parade to harass Mayor Wu and her family and staff, yelling through megaphones at her and her children for nearly ninety minutes as they marched in the parade despite being asked by parade organizers to leave the parade route," Patron added.

"Following the Dorchester Day Parade on June 5, 2022, Boston Police met with City staff on June 10 to make a safety plan for the upcoming Bunker Hill Day parade on June 12, and the then-Captain of the District overseeing Charlestown asked for a list of individuals who had been involved in public disruption and harassment of the Mayor at the Dorchester Day Parade and outside her house," he continued. "The email was sent as a follow-up immediately after that meeting."

It is unclear what action, if any, was taken by the Boston Police Department regarding the list of individuals.

Wu's critics accused her of creating a "hit list" and compared her to former President Richard Nixon, stating she implemented "Nixonian tactics."

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