Wednesday 26 October 2022

Lee Zeldin, Karoline Leavitt, Tudor Dixon and Dr. Oz Debate Tonight — Here’s Where to Watch Tuesday’s Quadruple Header


1. Karoline Leavitt vs. Democrat Chris Pappas tonight at 4-5PM ET —   Maureen Bannon is covering.

Karoline scored a knockdown of Pelosi lapdog Chris Pappas:

 2. Tudor Dixon vs. Wretched Gretchen Whitmer tonight at 7-8PM ET on CPT Bannon’s live stream on GETTR.

3. Lee Zeldin vs. Kathy Hochul at 7-8PM ET on my Grace Chong’s GETTR livestream @/gracechong

Hochul is a disaster.

4. Dr. Oz vs. John Fetterman tonight at 8-9PM on Captain Maureen Bannon’s GETTR Livestream. 

It ought to be a memorable night as Democrats run from their planned destruction of the United States.

This will be interesting since Fetterman is unable to form coherent sentences.

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