Monday 10 October 2022

BREAKING: PHOTOS Show Democrat Katie Hobbs Embracing Slavery In High School, Where Students Led Shackled Students by Collar and Chain


Katie Hobbs pictured as a student council leader during ‘Slave Day.’

New photos show that Arizona Democratic gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs participated in and led her high school’s yearly ‘Slave Day’ tradition, which appears to mirror the African slave trade that Democrats fought to preserve in the American Civil War.

The Seton Catholic preparatory high school’s yearbook photos show students being led on a collar and chain and being auctioned off to other students.


Another photo appears to show a student wearing blackface, with a caption saying she ” just loves slave day.”

Hobbs was later convicted by two separate juries of racial discrimination against a black woman and former Arizona Senate staffer when she was the Senate Minority Leader.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Talonya Adams, the victim, called on Hobbs to resign from office and drop out of the race for governor, saying Hobbs fits the dictionary definition of a racist and “She has no place in government.” 

Daily Mail reports,

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs was a student leader at her Catholic preparatory high school when pupils took part in a yearly tradition known as ‘Slave Day.’

Copies from past yearbooks of Seton Catholic Preparatory High School were obtained by and appear to show the practice went on for nearly four decades and was last mentioned in a yearbook from 1997.

Hobbs, who played an active student body role as a member of the yearbook staff and student council for part of her tenure, went to school there from 1984 through 1988.

The tradition entails freshman students performing tasks for senior class ‘masters’ that included performing ‘embarrassing acts of servitude.’

One example from the 1985 yearbook, which would have been the end of Hobbs’ freshman year, describes ‘slaves’ in her grade ‘wearing unbecoming hairdoes and unbecoming outfits, sporting embarrassing signs and performing embarrassing acts of servitude for senior masters for a day.’

It’s not clear if Hobbs participated herself in the ‘auctions,’ but her 1987 Student Council page credits her and the other student leaders for having ‘coordinated the many class events during Spirit Week’ – when Slave Day appears to have been celebrated.

She would have likely known the tradition was celebrated and regularly featured in the Seton Catholic Prep yearbook when she joined its staff in 1987.

The 1987 yearbook mentions ‘Slave Day’ four times.

An accompanying image shows a student on their knees while wearing a collar and leash led by what appears to be a fellow classmate.

Yearbook images show seniors are also ‘auctioned off’ for a couple of dollars to freshman students.

One portion from Hobbs’ senior class yearbook refers to her grade ‘paying for cruelties rendered’ during freshman initiation week on a day called ‘Senior Slave Day.’

Another image shows a white female student with what appears to be black paint streaked across parts of her face. has reached out to Hobbs’ campaign for comment via email three times but has not heard back.

Seton Catholic Preparatory High School also did not respond to inquiries about Hobbs’ participation or whether the ‘Slave Day’ practice is still ongoing.

Local media in Arizona continues to run cover for Katie Hobbs, despite her clear history of racism. We recently reported that one Arizona radio station has refused to air a private citizens commercial because they expose Hobbs’ racist past. 

Media outlets also refuse to ask Hobbs about her past racism.

Hobbs is running against Trump-Endorsed Republican Kari Lake, and she has not agreed to a debate fearing that her record will be exposed.

Lake recently called Hobbs out on her refusal to debate at a press conference saying, “You guys like to call the Conservatives all of these names, neo-Nazi, whatever you call us. The true racist is Katie Hobbs. Twice-convicted!”

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