Friday 4 February 2022

WATCH: Leaked Video Showing Border Patrol Agents Are 100 Percent Fed Up!

 America needs more courage like this!   Leaked video shows Border Patrol agents in a heated exchange with leadership last Friday as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas paid a visit.  A DHS spokesperson told Fox News that the purpose of the secretary’s trip was to hear about agents’ experiences and their needs. Thanks to the courage of the agents speaking up in the video, Mayorkas clearly heard that the border patrol agents are 100 percent fed up!

In the video, US Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz speaks to fellow agents at the Border Patrol station in Laredo, Texas.  As Ortiz is speaking to the agents, it turns into a back and forth with agents that quickly become heated, as can be heard in the video.

In a video shared with Fox News by a Border Patrol source, Ortiz confirmed that “morale is at an all-time low” in response to the video.

Ortiz acknowledged the border patrol agents’ frustration, with Mayorkas in the room.

“I get it,” Ortiz said. “You come to work; you’re frustrated. You’re upset because you didn’t get the desired outcome that you want. Doesn’t mean you give up.”

“We’re not,” one agent responded.

“I know you’re not,” Ortiz replied. “That’s why I’m saying we don’t give up. We stay focused, we continue to do the job and the mission that we signed up for. We all signed up for it; we all raised our hand.”

The agents in the room seem to become more heated.

Among the group of agents in attendance, people could be heard getting restless, saying, “It’s kinda hard to say that when…” one agent began to say, with another adding  “to defend the Constitution.”

“It’s not hard to say that,” Ortiz fired back, raising his voice. “It may be hard for you to say it, but I’ve been doing this for 31 years. It’s not hard for me to say it. Every day, I wake up, and I’m committed to this organization, and I’m committed to each one of y’all,” he continued, talking over someone in the crowd.

Other agents chimed in that “you keep releasing criminal aliens into the country.”

“You’re getting bogged down in the policies and the politics,” an increasingly frustrated Ortiz stressed.

One person claimed they couldn’t even say “illegal aliens,” while multiple agents appear to be in agreeance,  to which Ortiz responds that he “just said it. See? Is anything going to happen to you?”

The agents seemed dissatisfied with the answers they were getting.   Ortiz continues, asking them, “Why are you so caught up in the semantics, right? There’s a mission out there to be had, guys,” Ortiz continued. “We can sit here and argue about it until we’re blue in the face. I’ve been doing this job as long as y’all.”

“That’s the problem, chief,” one courageous agent in the crowd interjected.  “For evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. That’s exactly what’s happening here,” the agent added. “Good men are doing nothing. You’re allowing illegal aliens to be dropped off in our communities.”

Ortiz stated that the agents are still doing good work every day by making arrests and getting rid of drugs such as fentanyl and methamphetamine off the streets. “And under this administration, in the last year, we’ve got the highest fentanyl deaths in the history of our country,” one person in the room stated.

Ortiz said the U.S. has caught more fentanyl coming across the border this year than last year, but one agent wondered how much is not being caught.

“I don’t know,” Ortiz said. “We’re working on it.”

“And that’s the problem,” the agent said.

The situation continued to remain heated throughout the video as someone in the room shot out a “lack of results.”  The tension in the room was then broken as someone in the room shouted out another question, and laughter and applause broke out in the room.


Bill Melugin from Fox gets a live reaction from the Rio Grande Valley from former ICE Director Tom Homan as he reacts to leaked video showing Border Patrol agents getting in a heated exchange with the Border Patrol Chief, the apprehensions of 5 men from Syria in RGV, & DHS numbers showing only 59% of single adults were expelled via Title 42 in December.

As Chief Raul Ortiz stated during the video, is this what Border Patrol signed up for?

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