Saturday 4 April 2020

Candace Owens: Governor Lamont Lied About Baby Dying from COVID-19 and Should Resign (VIDEO)

Candace Owens accused Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont of lying about the infant that died this week “linked to coronavirus.”

Candace called for the Governor to resign.

The story made headlines since it is PRACTICALLY UNHEARD OF for healthy children and infants to die from the COVID-19 virus.
It was a lie.
Candace Owens:  The death of the infant in Connecticut had nothing to do with COVID-19.  I know exactly how the infant died.  I know this because people who were involved were mortified and angry and they were so happy that I spoke out and called out this double-speak.  People reached out to me.  Not the mother or father.  People reached out who had their hands in this, reached out to me privately and said, “I want to expose that Governor Ned Lamont is lying and that this infant died because blank.”
Candace then lashes out at the governor, “I think Governor Ned Lamont should resign.”
Candace goes on to say, “The post mortem.  After this infant had already succumbed they tested this infant for COVID-19.  God know why.  OK.   Because I have been trying to shout to you all it does not matter how you die they will test you for COVID-19.  Then they will use the exact same language that Ned Lamont used. “
Candace Owens described the baby’s death as an accident and was told this by “people who had their hands in this” but not the parents.
This is a huge scandal if the governor lied to panic the people of Connecticut.

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