Thursday 6 February 2020

And Here It Is… Biden Reveals Why Dem Establishment Working to Block “Socialist” Bernie Sanders From Winning Nomination (VIDEO)

The Democrat establishment is screwing Bernie Sanders…AGAIN.
The Iowa Democrat party ‘delayed’ the caucus results in an effort to shield Joe Biden from searing headlines of a crushing loss.
After claiming a “coding error” caused a delay in releasing the results of the Iowa caucuses, partial, fudged numbers were released showing Pete Buttigieg in the lead and Sanders in second place.
Biden is in last place, but the delay allowed the results to be eclipsed by Trump’s acquittal on Wednesday.
The establishment is terrified of Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Socialist.
The DNC cannot openly allow a Socialist to represent their party. The DNC is desperate to appear mainstream and moderate, but Bernie Sanders’ popularity with leftists has pulled the mask all the way off.
Joe Biden on Wednesday told a crowd in Somersworth, New Hampshire that if Bernie Sanders is the Democrat nominee, the party, and every Democrat will have to carry the “Socialist” label.

“But if Senator Sanders is the nominee for the party, every Democrat in America up and down the ballot — blue states, red states, purple, in easy districts and competitive ones — every Democrat will have to carry the labels Senator Sanders has chosen for himself,” Biden said.
“So what do you think about who’s going to be at the top of the ticket” Donald Trump is desperate to pin the Socialist label — Socialist, Socialist, Socialist on our party,” Biden added. “We can’t let him do that.”
And there it is.


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