Saturday 28 October 2023

Utah city orders man to take down 'risqué' Halloween decorations, but neighbors add to the display

 Utah man's Halloween decorations are dividing residents after the city of Grantsville asked him to remove it from their sign.

The risqué display showed a skeleton figure dancing on a stripper pole with two other skeletons around it as if seated at a strip joint.

Originally, Christopher Fujishin had set up the decorations around a city sign near his home. He said one of his neighbors apparently objected to the display because he kept coming to cut it down.

"Maybe a little risqué for some people but it’s all in the name of fun," Fujishin told KSTU-TV.

Then on Wednesday, the city posted a message on their official Facebook page demanding the decorations be taken down.

"To the person responsible for this display," the message read. "You have until 9pm tonight... to take down your decorations or they will be removed by the city and you will have to pick up your items at our Public Works building. Displays like this are not acceptable as it is against city code to attach anything to a street sign."

Fujishin moved the decorations to his front yard and added lights and music to it. That's when supportive neighbors started bringing their own embellishments for the display.

"We look forward to keeping this going and getting a little more elaborate as we go," Fuijishin said.

Some of the comments on the post expressed disfavor toward the display.

"I guess teaching our children respect, decency, and manners has gone by the side," read one comment.

"If your kids understand what that is maybe the problem’s not the skeleton dancing on the pole, maybe it’s something else," Fujishin replied.

Others found it humorous.

"This is my absolute favorite decoration ever!!!! They switch it up and it’s hilarious! Why are people so uptight. Maybe laugh a little," wrote a Facebook user.

The post from the city got a lot of attention before they deleted it.

KSTU reported that some people drove by the display with a look of disdain, but others have left money in the tip jar to show their support.

"We’re going to go tip them when we leave," said Carrie Sly, a server at a local restaurant. "We know what its like to work for tips."

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