Wednesday 18 October 2023

‘Entitled Cheat’: Transgender Fencer Beats 14-Time Champ For Women’s World Title

 A biological male, who formerly competed in men’s fencing, won a world title in women’s fencing over the weekend, beating a female competitor who is a 14-time champion.

Liz Kocab, who is six feet tall, took the title at this year’s FIE Veteran Fencing World Championships in the 70+ age category. USA Fencing was all-in on the win, congratulating Kocab, who is now an eight-time world champ.

“Liz Kocab is now an eight time world champion!” USA Fencing posted on its Instagram. “This is her fourth in a row in Vet Women’s Epee! Congrats Liz!”

USA Fencing permits athletes to participate in events “in a manner consistent with their gender identity/expression, regardless of the gender associated with the sex they were assigned at birth,” the group states.

“Athletes being treated with testosterone suppression medication, for the purposes of USA Fencing-sanctioned competitions may continue to compete in men’s events, but may only compete in women’s events after completing one calendar year (12 months) of testosterone suppression treatment,” the policy stipulates, as noted by the Daily Mail.

USA Fencing CEO Phil Andrews said last year that the organization will “protect the rights of nonbinary and transgender athletes in fencing.”

“Even as we plan to conduct more scientific research into the physiological effects of gender transition as they pertain specifically to the sport of fencing, we remain unanimously and steadfastly supportive of transgender athletes having their place in fencing,” he added. “To be clear, even as this issue evolves, our support of transgender athletes will not waver.”


Kocab was interviewed by USA Fencing after taking the women’s title. “I wanted to support USA Fencing,” he said. “I really did. Otherwise, I was actually thinking of stepping away. But the fact that it was in America, I thought that was important to support the USA. This is my way of saying thanks to USA Fencing.”

Former college swimmer and women’s sports activist Riley Gaines criticized Kocab for competing against women.

“Liz Kocab (male) wins his 8th Fencing World Championship title…in the women’s category,” she posted to X, formerly known as Twitter. “Winning a title as a male in the women’s category doesn’t make you a champion. It makes you an entitled cheat.”

Gaines is a former University of Kentucky swimmer who tied with trans-identifying male swimmer Lia Thomas for fifth place in the 200-yard freestyle final at the NCAA championship in March of last year. Gaines left the competition that day with a sixth-place trophy after the NCAA decided to give Thomas the fifth-place trophy.

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