Friday 20 October 2023

Biden Addresses Nation In Oval Office Speech About Wars In Ukraine, Israel

 President Joe Biden addressed the nation Thursday night during an Oval Office speech following his visit to Israel where he witnessed some of the devastation inflicted by Hamas terrorists.

The 80-year-old president called on Congress to pass a massive aid package that his administration is going to try to pass to support Israel and Ukraine.

Biden called for $14 billion in funding for Israel as it fights off attacks from Iranian-backed terrorists throughout the region. The funding will go toward “sharpen[ing] Israel’s military edge,” to replenish its Iron Dome, and to send a message to Iran that the U.S. stands with Israel.

However, he also called for a much larger aid package for Ukraine, an additional $60 billion in funding for their war against the Russian forces who invaded their country.

Biden called out the lies from the Hamas-run Palestinian Ministry of Health, who falsely claimed that Israel bombed a hospital that killed 500 people. Those claims have been throughly refuted by top officials and experts.


The proposed aid package will now go to Congress where it will be effectively frozen since there is no Speaker of the House thanks to a group of eight Republican lawmakers who voted with the entire Democrat Conference to remove Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the position three weeks ago.

The speech comes after Biden announced a $100 million aid package for humanitarian assistance inside Gaza, which experts and critics said would go toward funding Hamas terrorists. There is no indication that the U.S. got anything in return — including the release of any of the Americans being held hostage by Hamas — for the aid package.

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