Tuesday, 5 September 2023

SHOCKING VIDEO: Thug Cruelly Pummels Helpless 60-Year-Old New York Woman with Her Own Cane More than 50 TIMES During Two Minute Assault


Credit: @JCAndersonNYC

Harlem, New York- One of the worst assaults you will ever see occurred late last week in a Harlem subway.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said the incident happened just before 3:30 a.m. Friday when a 60-year-old woman was walking at the West 116 Street and Lenox Avenue station. A homeless man then appeared and started beating the tar out of her.

A local writer and activist managed to capture the assault on tape, which was later obtained by the New York Post, which described the entire video as “shocking.”

In the footage below, a deranged thug launches himself at the woman with an umbrella and the woman tries desperately to fend him off using her cane.

Unfortunately, the man successfully overpowers her and snatches the cane as she falls to the ground screaming in terror. He then proceeds to pummel the woman with her own cane more than 50 TIMES across her entire body. 

The poor lady is hit so viciously that the cane ends up breaking apart during the beating. The suspect puts forth so much “effort” hitting the innocent lady that his pants fall off around the 1:11 mark.

Warning: Extreme violence

 But the disgusting coward was not down with his sickening assault. He proceeds to beat the woman’s head in with his fists while she somehow manages to grab fragments of her cane.

He then gets up and starts kicking the motionless woman several times before the video concludes.

The cowardly individual ended up escaping the scene of his crime before the police arrived. The New York Post reports it is unknown what provoked the assault.

Throughout the beatdown, not one solitary witness bothers to intervene to help the poor lady. One can argue this says a good deal about today’s society in general.

Despite the horrific assault, the elderly woman is said to be in stable condition at a nearby hospital.

As of Monday, no suspect is in custody and the investigation remains ongoing.

In today’s America, people are risking their lives riding home thanks to the lawless crime policies pushed by radical Democrats, particularly in the nation’s largest cities. Yet a wake-up call for these residents does not appear to be on the horizon.

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