Tuesday, 8 August 2023

Whitlock: ‘Montgomery Riverboat Melee’ makes enemies of allies and provides cover for elites

 The social media race soldiers celebrating the “Montgomery Melee” should read General Smedley Butler’s book "War Is a Racket."

Published in 1935, the book spells out the fraudulence of war. A decorated hero, Butler explained the financial rewards of manufactured mass conflict for business elites.

“Only a small inside group knows what [war] is about,” Butler wrote. “It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

In modern America, the corporate elite and their tech partners are working to promote a race war, a conflict among working-class Americans of all colors.

Reaction to the Montgomery Riverboat Melee feels like a re-enactment of the battle of Fort Sumter, an 1861 skirmish led by a South Carolina militia group that opened the Civil War. The quick surrender of the United States Army at Fort Sumter emboldened the Confederates, helping them believe the North did not have the stomach for war. 

In Montgomery on Saturday, two white, drunken idiots attacked a black security guard who seemingly unfastened their pontoon boat from the dock. At one point, the black security guard was surrounded by a half-dozen white people. Half of them appeared to be trying to stop the fight; the other half appeared to be assaulting the security guard. 

Eventually a swarm of black onlookers rescued the security guard and then proceeded to escalate the conflict. The videos of the skirmish are spread across all of social media. The social media collective referred to as “Black Twitter” is celebrating the one-sided skirmish as a sign of black unity and strength.

The truth is, reaction to the brawl is a sign of America’s dysfunction, unwillingness to learn from history, and inability to properly identify its true enemy.

"Race War Is a Racket," a scheme that benefits a handful of elites and the puppets they pay to foment racial conflict.

The combatants in Montgomery are natural allies. They’re pawns in a plot to distract the masses from recognizing, addressing, and undermining the elites exploiting their ignorance.

The initial conflict in Montgomery is not rare. Fights between patrons and security guards are commonplace. Men struggle to bow to authority, especially in environments rife with alcohol. Normally these conflicts do not make national news or trend on social media.

The Montgomery incident would not be interesting if the security guard and his initial attackers were of the same race. It would just be men behaving badly, another piece of content for WorldStar Hip Hop. I’ll give you an example. A week ago, 10 men in Los Angeles bludgeoned a security guard to death. No one tried to rescue the security guard. Onlookers fled. Here’s a news report.

Nightclub security guard beaten to death in Hollywoodwww.youtube.com

What made Montgomery interesting is that the security guard was black and his initial attackers were white. Social media, particularly Twitter, has programmed many Americans to interpret the world through racial lenses. That’s being “woke.”

All interaction between men and women of different races is potentially racist, especially if any of the engagement is negative toward the black person. The white men are not just drunken idiots. They’re racist drunken idiots. There are thousands of years of history showing that men are drunken idiots regardless of race.

But at the behest of the elites who control corporate and social media, all engagement between different races must be interpreted through a racial prism.

Why? Who benefits?

The elites. The global millionaires and billionaires and the influencers they control.

They want the black security guard to believe that the white landscaper is his mortal enemy, the man behind a plot to deny black progress. The elites want the white landscaper to believe the black security guard is the man living off government giveaways and driving higher tax rates.

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are the enemy of the average working man, regardless of color. Pelosi and McConnell take their orders from elites like George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates. Barack and Michelle Obama, Al Sharpton, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, and Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez are bought-and-paid-for influencers hired to convince the working class that the political, celebrity, and financial elite are working to improve the life of the working man.

It’s laughable. 

Joe Biden wants you to believe the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers are the biggest threat to national security. Our politicians sell obvious lies because we believe obvious lies. So of course, white men in rural militias are undermining the safety and progress of black men in Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Los Angeles.

"Race War Is a Racket." It might be the greatest racket ever invented. It blinds people to obvious truth. It’s turned allies into enemies.

Black people think a group of angry, working-class white people confronting corrupt politicians at the Capitol was a racist insurrection. We think beating up a tiny group of white drunk idiots on a pier is a sign of progress and unity.

Anyone celebrating the Montgomery Melee is under MK Ultra control. Big Tech’s social media apps have disconnected them from reality and common sense. They’re mindless race soldiers willing to sacrifice their freedom and agency in a race war that will in no way benefit them.

They’re cowards and sellouts unwilling to confront our real enemies. Our idols are our enemies, and our enemies are our allies.

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