Tuesday, 1 August 2023

Sununu And Trump Clash Over 2024 Presidential Race

 New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu took multiple shots at former President Donald Trump on Monday, prompting the former president to fire back on social media.

Sununu made the first round of remarks criticizing the former president on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Monday morning.

When talking about the lead that the former president has in national polling and whether the primary in New Hampshire was going to change the trajectory of the race, Sununu said that it “absolutely” was going to, saying that Iowa and New Hampshire were going to ultimately determine who wins the Republican primary.

“So, national polls, I get national polls. But where’s the conversation really happening?” Sununu asked. “New Hampshire and Iowa. So let’s look at New Hampshire’s polls. He’s, I think, three of the last four polls, I think, out, from Real Clear Politics, has him under 40, right? I think he’s averaging like 44% or something in Iowa.”

Sununu said that he understands that many Republicans want to support the former president because of the indictments against him, but argued that doesn’t make Trump the best candidate for the job.

“So no, those numbers are only getting worse,” he said. “He’s a sitting incumbent president, a former incumbent president. So of course, his numbers are going to be decent. Think about what he doesn’t have. From his own party, the hard-core base voter in Iowa and New Hampshire, the majority aren’t with him. Think about that for a second, Hugh. He was the flagbearer for our party just a couple years ago, and the majority of his own party don’t want him. So that’s a huge opportunity for one of these candidates to start surging. And if we get it down to Trump and one other candidate, maybe even Trump and two other candidates, he’s done. He really is.”

Sununu then continued hitting at the former president during an interview on Fox News with Harris Faulkner:

Trump responded to Sununu on social media Monday afternoon.

“RINO Chris Sununu recently stated that, ‘I’m not running for president in 2024. Beating Trump is more important’,” Trump wrote. “No, he’s not running for President because he’s polling at Zero, and has no chance of winning.”

“The people of New Hampshire have gotten wise to Chris Sununu, and they no longer like or respect him,” Trump said. “I never liked him, but always did whatever he asked for the State, because I wanted to help New Hampshire, and I did!”

Recent polling from Morning Consult found that Sununu is the fourth most popular governor in the country. Trump, meanwhile, remains the GOP frontrunner in the latest polling, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis consistently holding the second place and the remaining candidates averaging in the single digits.

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