Saturday, 5 August 2023

REPORT: 35-Year-Old Woman Dies From Water Toxicity While On Vacation With Family

 A 35-year-old mother died of water toxicity during a family vacation in Monticello, Virginia, according to WRTV.

Ashley Summer was with her family enjoying four days of vacation at Lake Freeman when suddenly on Tuesday night she wasn’t feeling well. Devon Miller, Summer’s brother, received an unexpected call from his other sister, Holly, who told him that Ashley was “an absolute wreck” and was taken to the hospitalaccording to WRTV.

“She has brain swelling, they don’t know what’s causing it, they don’t know what they can do to get it to go down, and it’s not looking good,” Miller said. 

Family members reported earlier on Tuesday that Ashley was feeling dehydrated, unable to drink more water after gulping four bottles of water in less than 20 minutes, as the outlet reported.

Ashley was taken to IU Health Arnett Hospital after she passed out in her garage. Dr. Blake Froberg, a toxicologist with IU Health, explained that due to the high quantity of water ingested and the small amount of sodium in her body, Ashley died of water toxicity.

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