Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Nearly 80% Of Residents In Blue State Want Parental Notification For Student Gender Identity Changes

 Nearly four in five New Jersey residents want to require schools to inform parents if their child asks to be identified by a different gender, according to a new poll. 

The survey from Monmouth University found that 77% of adults in the state — which is controlled by a Democratic governor and legislature — want parental notification required, while 81% of New Jersey parents of minors want parental notification enforced in middle and high schools, The Hill reported

A majority (55%) of the 814 New Jersey residents surveyed said parents should be informed of their child’s gender identity change even if a school is not required to let them know. Among parents, 59% said they want schools to inform them of students’ gender identity changes.

Respondents across the political spectrum largely agreed on the issue, according to the poll, which showed that most Republicans (92%) and Democrats (61%) want parental notification requirements for middle and high schools. When asked if schools are teaching too much about gender identity, nearly half of the respondents said yes, while only 23% said schools are teaching the right amount on the subject, and 16% said they weren’t teaching enough. 

The new poll comes one week after a New Jersey state judge blocked three school districts from enforcing a policy requiring schools to notify parents if their child changes their gender identity.

All three New Jersey school districts approved the new gender transition policy on June 20 after being pushed by local parents.

The policy requires schools to tell parents if their children request to change their gender identity, including their pronouns or name, or if they ask to use the bathrooms or play on the sports teams of the opposite sex. All three policies make an exception for situations where there is reason to believe notifying parents could put the student in harm’s way.


Judge David Bauman issued a preliminary injunction against the new parental notification policy, arguing that New Jersey “demonstrated a reasonable probability of success on its claim that the Amended Policies, if implemented, will have a disparate impact on transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary youth.”

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