Tuesday, 8 August 2023

Majority Of Americans Agree: No More U.S. Taxpayer Money For Ukraine

 Most Americans want their elected lawmakers to stop giving their hard-earned tax money to Ukraine so it can wage war with Russia.

That’s according to the liberal news network CNN, which commissioned a survey from pollster company SSRS.

The poll found 55% say the U.S. Congress should not authorize additional funding to support Ukraine while 45% say Congress should continue to authorize such funding. Meanwhile, 51% say that the U.S. has already done enough to help Ukraine while 48% say it should do more.

That’s a big change from February 2022, when Russia began the invasion of Ukraine. Back then, 62% said they thought the U.S. should have been doing more.

Looking beyond Ukraine’s immediate implications, a majority of Americans express concerns over the impact of Russia’s war on U.S. national security. Nevertheless, that concern has diminished compared to February 2022, when 72% of respondents were worried about threats to US security.

While more Democrats than Republicans think the U.S. should continue to fund Ukraine’s war, there is some bipartisan agreement. Nearly 80% of respondents express concern — including 82% of Democrats, 75% of independents, and 73% of Republicans over the war — that the war will rage on without resolution.

Moreover, approximately two-thirds of participants are worried that the war in Ukraine could lead to increased threats to democracy elsewhere (65%) or prompt Russian attacks in other regions (64%). Lastly, approximately 60% are apprehensive that the conflict may escalate into a broader war in Europe.

But that’s the extent of bipartisanship. Republicans overwhelmingly argue against authorizing new funding (71%) and contend that the U.S. has already done enough to aid Ukraine (59%). In contrast, the majority of Democrats hold the opposite view, with 62% supporting additional funding and asserting that the US should do more.

Independents generally hold the belief that the US has sufficiently assisted Ukraine (56%) and express opposition to further funding (55%).

Regarding specific forms of assistance, majorities across party lines agree that the US should provide intelligence-gathering support to Ukraine (70% of Democrats, 63% of independents, and 56% of Republicans). While nearly two-thirds of Democrats support military training (64%), that level of support drops to about half among independents and Republicans (48% for each category).

A significant partisan divide is observed when it comes to providing weapons to Ukraine, with 61% of Democrats in favor, compared to 39% of independents and only 30% of Republicans. As for deploying US military forces to participate in combat operations, less than 20% of individuals from all parties endorse the idea (19% Democrats, 18% independents, and 16% Republicans).

Conducted by SSRS from July 1 to 31, the CNN poll surveyed a random national sample of 1,279 adults initially contacted via mail. Surveys were conducted either online or via telephone with live interviewers. The poll’s margin of sampling error for the full sample is plus or minus 3.7 percentage points, with a larger margin for subgroups.

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