Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Joe Rogan Slams ‘Creepy’ Teachers For Trying To Indoctrinate Students With ‘Cartoon Porn’

 Podcast giant Joe Rogan warned during a recent broadcast of “The Joe Rogan Experience” that “creepy” teachers are indoctrinating America’s children with wild far-Left ideologies and perversions.

“Those adults are with your children more than you are during the day,” Rogan told guest Tim Dillon about teachers. “They’re there for hours and hours with the undivided attention of your kids and some of them are f***ing loons.”

Rogan said that some teachers believe it is their job to “remove the programming of the parents that they don’t agree with” and “get into your kid’s head” and fill it with “questionable and debatable ideas that they’re trying to push as doctrine.”

Rogan also noted that parents have found books in their children’s schools that depict graphic sexual imagery, including “books where they were showing explicit oral sex, they were showing illustrations of oral sex” that effectively rise to the level of being “essentially cartoon pornography.”

Rogan has pushed back on far-Left ideologies for years, including on transgender-related issues and the effort to make people accept the ideology.

During an episode earlier this year talking about the backlash that Bud Light has faced over its partnership with a controversial transgender influencer, Rogan said, “I think this was a legitimate public outrage one, where they just pushed too far and people went, ‘f*** you.'”

When talking about a similar situation that Target faces, Rogan noted that Target also “lost billions of dollars, too, because people are sick of this s***.”

“They’re sick of social things like that, that are controversial, getting stuffed in your face, and you have to accept it,” he said. “And people are like, ‘I don’t wanna accept. I’m just coming here for f***ing toilet paper.'”


“They just don’t get it. They think it has to be in everything,” he said. “Because of social media, everybody feels like they’re fighting some sort of social battle with everything they do. And you know, and this is one, this is another one that’s like, it’s like forced compliance. You have to, you’re forced to comply with this.”

“And, you know, it’s f***ing up women’s sports in a huge way, in a huge way,” he continued. “And some organizations are pushing back against that. And some people are pushing back against the organizations that are pushing back against it, which to me is insane. Like, if you care at all about biological women, you should be against that.”

Rogan later discussed how the push to normalize transgender ideology has impacted women’s sports.

“It’s like what you have to do and how long you have to take hormones before you can identify as a woman to compete as a woman, like, just f***ing stop,” he said. “There’s a reason why there’s women’s sports. And there’s a reason why there’s men’s sports. And you’re not talking about who you are, or what your truth is, ‘live your truth.'”

Rogan said that he believes the issue will “ultimately get solved” when people just flat out “don’t accept it anymore.”

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