Monday, 14 August 2023

Enes Freedom Defends Female Athletes: ‘Should I Put on a Wig and Start Dominating the WNBA?’


Former NBA player Kanter Freedom has been a passionate advocate for human rights and has consistently called out the woke hypocrisy of the left. As a result of his outspoken critiques, he claims he has been blackballed from the league, specifically for speaking out against Communist China and their treatment of Uyghur Muslims.

On Friday, Freedom defended women athletes and pointed out the insanity of letting men cancel women in sports.

He wrote on X, “Men don’t belong in women’s spaces. Restrooms – Locker Rooms or Sports

“Since I’m blackballed from the @NBA, should I put on a wig, identify as a woman and start dominating the @WNBA?


“Is that when the outrage will begin? Is that fair to all the women who spent their whole life chasing their goals? Where are all the Women Rights Activists and Feminists?!”

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