Wednesday, 19 July 2023

Trump Prosecutor Ate Lunch At Subway, Next On CNN

 In the wake of ex-chief Chris Licht’s sudden exit, CNN was apparently thrust deep into the throes of an identity crisis  and nowhere was that more evident than in their breathless coverage on Tuesday of Trump prosecutor Jack Smith’s … sandwich?

That’s right. In a segment that Newsbusters writer Alex Christy correctly characterized as TMZ-esque, one reporter and two anchors devoted actual air time to the fact that Smith was seen leaving Subway with a sandwich and saying nothing.


“CNN or TMZ?” Christy tweeted. “Kaetlyn Polantz informs us that ‘[Jack Smith] was spotted today by CNN going to Subway for lunch, picking up a sandwich, leaving and not saying a word.'”

If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, anchors John King and Dana Bash took the baton and ran with it, suggesting that there was some hidden meaning buried in the fact that Smith had taken time out of his busy day to “eat fresh.”

“Jack Smith, remember when the classified documents target letter, when Trump announced that, there was a lot of commentary — ‘Is Jack Smith making a mistake here? Is he leaving this all to Donald Trump?’ — and then they released the indictment and we all said, ‘wow, wow,'” King began. “We  

“Jack Smith going to Subway today is a message to Donald Trump,” he added. “Donald Trump tries to intimidate people, he tries to bully people, tries to scare you away. That was Jack Smith with no words and a simple $5 sub in his hand saying, ‘I’m here, I’m not going anywhere.'”

“The imagery was intentional and spoke volumes,” Bash added.

The segment followed former President Donald Trump’s announcement that he expected to be indicted again and possibly arrested in the coming days as a result of the case Smith is pursuing.

CNN did not reveal what kind of sandwich Smith ordered, nor did the outlet seem overly concerned with whether or not he opted to add a drink, chips, or a freshly-baked cookie.

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