Saturday, 15 July 2023

Maybe It’s A Good Thing Biden Doesn’t See All His Grandkids

 President Joe Biden is not normal. If that wasn’t obvious to you yet, the latest video out of Helsinki showing Biden nibbling on a small child should make it plain as day that the president is perverse. In that case, maybe it’s a good thing he has spent zero time around Hunter’s daughter in Arkansas.

The video going viral can be seen below:

This author’s gutteral reaction to first seeing that clip was an audible, “Argh.” It was so loud that a colleague had to say, “What’s wrong?” In other words, it’s a natural instinct to be disgusted by that video — especially as a parent.

Many others on Twitter had a similar sentiment:

Any person of sound mind who sees that video would reasonably conclude that Biden acted inappropriately. If some old man at a church picnic put his mouth on a child like Biden did, you could easily imagine that a parent or any adult witnessing it would step in, shield the child, and give the creeper a sharp elbow to the chest — at the very least — while using some choice language. Cops might even be called.

You certainly wouldn’t let your kid near him anymore.


So perhaps there’s one silver lining to the fact that Biden doesn’t see or recognize all of his grandchildren. The American people have one less small child we have to worry about the president harassing.

It’s all so twisted.

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