Wednesday, 19 July 2023

2A WORKS: Woman shoots four would-be home invaders in Philly’s Germantown

 In an example of the importance of the Second Amendment, a woman living in the City of Brotherly Love's Germantown area fended off a home invasion by shooting four would-be attackers.

Local Philadelphia news channel FOX 29 reported that four men broke into the woman's apartment located at the 4900 block of Germantown Avenue during the early hours of July 16. A confrontation ensued after she called out the burglars inside her home.

The fiasco culminated when the woman drew her firearm and shot the four intruders, injuring two in the process. The burglars then took off, and law enforcement was called in.

Police officers arrived at the woman's residence and found her standing outside. She stood over one of the suspects who suffered gunshot wounds to his hand and leg. This first suspect was later identified as 48-year-old Jermaine Parker.

Officers found another burglar who suffered a gunshot wound to his back a short time later. This second suspect who fell down a few blocks away from the apartment they broke into was identified as 45-year-old Randy Miller.

Both Parker and Miller were taken to Einstein Medical Center also in Philadelphia, and later charged with burglary and related offenses. A weapon was also recovered. Police are still looking for the two accomplices, with members of the public that have information about them being encouraged to get in touch with law enforcement.

According to police officers, the woman's actions are considered self-defense. Thus, she will not be charged with any crime.

Texas customer who shot, killed would-be robber faces charges

While the Philadelphia woman who shot Miller and Parker faces no charges, a Houston man who shot and killed a robber victimizing customers of a taco shop has been ordered to appear before a grand jury.

Back in January, the 46-year-old customer shot 30-year-old Eric Eugene Washington eight times. Washington had entered the south Houston taco shop where the customer was eating and demanded that customers give him their money while armed with a gun. The Houston Police Department (HPD) later said Washington's firearm was a plastic toy, but there was no way anyone could have known that it was a toy gun at the time of the incident.

Despite this clear act of self-defense, the anonymous customer has been ordered by Harris County District Attorney (DA) Kim Ogg to appear before a grand jury. A member of the Democratic Party, Ogg's election as DA was reportedly bankrolled by Hungarian billionaire globalist George Soros alongside other far-left DAs with a soft-on-crime approach.  

An attorney for the 46-year-old remarked: "In fear of his life and his friend's life, my client acted to protect everyone in the restaurant. In Texas, a shooting is justified in self-defense, defense of others and in defense of property."

The lawyer added that his client has met with Ogg's office staff and investigators with the HPD's homicide division, and "fully intends to continue cooperating with the ongoing investigation." Both the lawyer and his client expressed confidence that the grand jury "will conclude that the shooting was justified under Texas law."

Records revealed that Washington had an extensive criminal history and was out on bond during the incident. He had been released on parole in 2021 and was charged with assaulting his girlfriend in December 2022, a month before he was shot and killed.

Washington had earlier been convicted in 2015 on a charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and sentenced to 15 years behind bars. The conviction was in connection to the shooting to death of 62-year-old mobile phone store owner Hamid Waraich.

Two of Hamid's sons lauded the customer's bravery in killing Washington. Aman, one of Hamid's three sons, remarked: "If the guy who stopped [Washington] was around 10 years ago, maybe I'd still have my dad." Sean, another son of Hamid, called the 46-year-old a "true hero" who "did the right thing in stopping the robber and in protecting the community from a dangerous perpetrator."

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