Tuesday, 30 May 2023

LYING MEDIA: Associated Press falsely claimed Target boycotts became “violent,” then changed story after getting caught

 The Associated Press (AP) has once again been caught spreading fake news, this time about upset Target customers who are allegedly behaving violently at stores due to the retail chain’s pedophilic “pride” clothing line for children and babies.

The AP, which used to be a trusted source for news ¬– or so we all thought – published false claims and wild conspiracy theories about George Floyd-style riots allegedly happening at Target stores as angry parents supposedly engaged in “violent confrontations” while issuing “threats to workers” over the perverted apparel.

Before quietly removing said claims from its fake news reporting, the AP told its readers “that Target yanked or relocated LGBTQ merchandise featured prominently in Pride Month displays” due to these made-up threats and actions, which never actually happened.

The Associated Press has removed uncredited claims, without telling readers,” reported Just the News about the AP’s sleight of hand, which did not go unnoticed.


The AP is no better than Target: They’re both run by child groomers pushing LGBT perversion

The original AP headline claimed that “Target removes some LGBTQ merchandise from stores ahead of June Pride month after threats to workers.” The story following it opened as such:

“Target is removing certain items from its stores and making other changes to its LGBTQ merchandise nationwide ahead of Pride month, after an intense backlash from some customers including violent confrontations with its workers.”

The next day, the AP quietly changed the headline to state that “Target becomes latest company to suffer backlash for LGBTQ+ support, pulls some Pride month clothing.” The new opening paragraph, which Breitbart News said was “stealthily rewritten,” now reads as follows:

“‘Since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and well-being while at work,’ Target said in a statement Tuesday. ‘Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.'”

In response to questions about the change, the AP’s Vice President of Corporate Communications Lauren Easton tried to claim that as her fake news agency “continued to report out the story, we were able to provide more specific examples of the incidents that took place and we updated the story accordingly.”

There was no actual retraction, nor did Easton or anybody else at the AP provide any further clarity as to how the original reporting got it all so, so wrong. This suggests that the AP knowingly reported fake news, and after encountering backlash itself quietly made a few changes without formally addressing the glaring lies it originally published.

Keep in mind that before the blowout, Target was prominently displaying so-called “tuck friendly” women’s swimwear, meaning it has a special design for tucking the male body parts of trans “women” who, as the AP wrote “have not had gender-affirming operations to conceal their private parts.”

“In other words, in front of the whole world, including children, Target sells and displays fetish merchandise,” wrote John Nolte from Breitbart. “Target is doing business with Satanists to pervert your children into easily exploitable targets of sexual abuse. It is as simple as that.”

Nolte further added that any individual or corporation that launches any type of campaign “to prematurely sexualize children is guilty of child abuse, is a threat to children, and is undoubtedly grooming them for abuse.” This includes both Target and the AP.

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