Saturday 13 May 2023

COINCIDENCE? Joe Biden Tells Howard Graduates White Supremacists are Greatest Threat to Country – Then Hours Later Mysterious Khaki-Clad Patriot Front Group Holds March in DC

 What a coincidence?

The Deep State is REALLY making it obvious these days.

On Saturday race-baiter Joe Biden warned graduates at the historically-black Howard University that, “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our country is white supremacy.”

Hours later, the mysterious khaki-clad Patriot Front group held a march in Washington DC.  

The leftist media has labeled the group, that is widely suspected of being controlled by federal operatives, to be a white supremacist group. 

What a wild coincidence?

That’s a lot of feds!

The Patriot Front was surrounded by black and white cops on bikes.

They didn’t appear too concerned.

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