Monday 10 April 2023

“Pieces of Crap”- Two Florida Women Arrested After Livestreaming Themselves Taunting and Abusing Elderly Woman with Dementia – Hero Sheriff GOES OFF On Monsters During Press Conference Announcing Their Arrests (VIDEO)


Credit: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office/Fox News


Melbourne, Florida – There should be a special place in Hell for individuals like this.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey announced, during a press conference Saturday,  that two health care workers were arrested after cruelly abusing a helpless woman with dementia and livestreaming the event so their friends could mock the poor lady as well. The incident occurred on April 3 according to Florida Today.

As Fox News reported, the first suspect, 18-year-old Jada Harris, was arrested for video voyeurism, abuse, and neglect of elderly or disabled adult, and interception or disclosure of wired communications. Her bond has been set at $6,000.

The second woman, 20-year-old Shy’Tiona Bishop, was arrested by police for video voyeurism and abuse and neglect of elderly or disabled adult. Her bond is $4,000.

Ivey did not mince words while announcing the arrests of these two monsters.

I’m disgusted. The perpetrators in this case are not only disgusting but they are vile individuals who livestreamed themselves abusing one of our elderly citizens who suffers from dementia.

They actually put it up on a livestream platform so that their friends could watch it, laugh about it, as they mocked this elderly person.

It’s hard to imagine that there are people in this world that would do such a thing.

As you watch this video, think about the abuse this poor lady went through at the hands of these of these two disgusting individuals. My only hope is that these two live long enough in life, I doubt it as stupid as they are.

WATCH (**warning-disturbing content***)

The vile abuse starts at 1:55 and ends around the 2:45 mark.

The livestream starts out with the helpless woman screaming. The women then taunt the elderly woman for peeing on herself and laugh at her.

Comments start popping up on the stream mocking the woman as well. One of the women then turns to the camera and asks, “isn’t she embarrassing?”

The sick individuals then demand the poor lady put her pants on and muse about locking her in the closet. They continue laughing at her.

After the video finished, Ivey was not done eviscerating the scumbags along with their friends for their evil actions.

The irony is that our corrections team will treat these two pieces of crap with professionalism whereas these two were supposed to be taking care of this lady and didn’t do their job.

He also expressed his disgust over the absurdly low bonds for the lowlifes and noted these were set by Florida law.

A lot of time we’ll get comments that the bond’s too low and I agree. Unfortunately, the state sets the bond limits.

I can tell you if they let me do it, the bond would be when hell freezes over when these two get out.

Ivey was correct.  The women are already out.

Both Harris and Bishop were booked into the Brevard County Jail on Friday. Harris has been released and has a court date set for May 9, according to Fox News.

Bishop had her first appearance in court Saturday and has also been released.

Ivey then finished his comments on the scumbags with this politically incorrect tour de force:

I wouldn’t let them care for a pet cobra, because he might accidentally bite them and he would die of scumbag poisoning. Not only are they bags of crap, but the people that were on there laughing and mocking this poor lady, yeah, you’re bags of crap, too.”

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