Friday 14 April 2023

IMPEACH HIM NOW: Mayorkas Shutting Down Deadly Darien Gap Jungle Trail He Built in Panama for Illegal Aliens Coming to the US


Biden’s corrupt and always dishonest Alejandro Mayorkas, the seventh United States Secretary of Homeland Security, is reportedly shutting down the deadly Darien Gap jungle trail in Panama he built for migrants in 2021.

Shouldn’t Mayorkas be in prison for creating this trail in another country for the sole purpose of evading US laws in the first place?

Last July Ben Bergquam reported on the increase in deaths of illegal immigrants trying to get into America on the US Southern border.

Berquam also went down to Panama and he saw the Darien Pass where people were dying every day in their efforts to sneak into Biden’s America.

Illegals are then put in buses and shipped to the Southern border – who is behind this?

A former US Army base in Panama is now housing leftist NGOs and many of the organizations ignoring US laws and aiding the invasion of illegal aliens on the Southern Border of the US.

The death along the Darien pass was incredible.

Breitbart reports:

President Joe Biden’s border chief is shutting down the deadly Darien Gap jungle trail in Panama he built for migrants in 2021 — just as a huge wave of northbound migrants is now overwhelming his border management plans.

The shutdown news was delivered on April 11 in a Trilateral Joint Statement issued by Panama, Columbia, and border chief Alejandro Mayorkas:

 the three governments will seek to achieve the following ambitious goals:

End the illicit movement of people and goods through the Darién by both land and maritime corridors, which leads to death and exploitation of vulnerable people for significant profit.

Open new lawful and flexible pathways for tens of thousands of migrants and refugees as an alternative to irregular migration.

The document did not explain the price that Biden’s pro-migration border chief paid to the two countries for their cooperation. That price is likely an agreement to let some of their citizens take Americans’ jobs in the United States.

The Panama shutdown comes amid evidence that migrants are ignoring Mayorkas’ much-touted plan to reduce deter migration and border chaos during the 2024 political campaign.

Obama, Biden and Mayorkas should be impeached and put in jail for their deadly efforts to send people through hell, where many died, on their way to invading the US. 

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