Thursday 9 March 2023

“The Real Villans Here Are the Federal Judges in Washington DC” – Julie Kelly on How Courts Have Severely Abused Jan 6ers


The judges in DC are monsters who align with the corrupt DOJ and persecute and sentence innocents for crimes not committed in abusive courts. 

The innocent victims of Jan 6 have been abused more than any group in recent US history.  After suffering under a police barrage of flash bombs and rubber bullets, Jan 6 victims were arrested, with some sitting in jail to this date with no court dates or charges.

Judge Napolitano a year ago said that none of these individuals should be sitting in jail.

When these victims are charged and finally brought forward in court, these Americans are put in phony courts with abusive and DOJ-compliant corrupt judges.

Julie Kelly finally called out the courts in DC for what they are doing to these innocent Americans in an interview last night on Tucker Carlson.  The court’s actions have been atrocious.

Kelly shares:

“I want to emphasize the real villains here are the federal judges in Washington DC who have allowed the government to play every single game…”

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