Thursday 23 February 2023

Irish Police Tell Family of Victim of Vicious Assault to Remove “Foreign Nationals” Reference From Social Media


The United States is not the only county that seems to protect migrants over its own citizens.

In recent years, Ireland has faced challenges as the nation’s population of migrants continues to grow.

The family of a woman who was sexually assaulted in Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland, has been told by Gardai (the state police force of the Irish Republic) to remove a social media post that identified the perpetrators as foreign men.

The family contents that, since the suspects have not been arrested, they were sharing information to help protect other women in the community. But apparently that is not as important as protecting the image of migrants.

The U.K. has faced problems with migrant grooming gangs for years.  Activist Tommy Robinson’s documentary, “The Rape of Britain,” exposed those involved with the gangs of migrants raping young British girls in Telford and other towns.

Gript reports:

Speaking to Gript today, one family member said that concerns about identifying the attackers as non-Irish seemed to be more important than ensuring that other girls and women were aware that they may be in danger.

The woman became momentarily separated from her partner while on the way home from a night out and was approached by a men who asked her for a light. Two men then seized her by the arms and dragged her into an alleyway where another man were waiting.

However, her screams alerted an older woman in a nearby house, who came out and interrupted the assault. The four men reportedly hit the older woman before running away when told the Gardai had been called.

Describing the assault as a “vicious attack” by a “gang”, the family member said that they had found the response of the Gardai to be “very upsetting”.

“We can’t understand it,” he said. “We were asked to take down a social media post where we had identified the attackers as foreign nationals, because no one has been arrested and women need to know this information.”

“We were asked by the Gardai why we said it was foreign men, and then asked to take the post down. Then we were asked not to talk about what had happened to anyone.”

“It seems all wrong, who is being protected here? [The victim] can’t sleep or eat, she is totally traumatised. Normally if there’s a serious crime anywhere it’s on the radio and descriptions are given and there’s an appeal for witnesses. But we’re being told to  say nothing.”

Another family member told Gript: “People need to know, it’ll happen to another girl if women don’t know who to look out for, everyone understands that. It’s why descriptions are given.”

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