Wednesday 26 October 2022

‘You Want to Come Up? You Don’t Have to But You Can” – Biden Gets Distracted, Creeps on Little Kids Before Starting His Speech at White House Diwali Celebration — SHOCKING VIDEO


Joe Biden celebrated Diwali with several Indian families on Monday in the White House.

There were several little children in the audience.  So you know what that means… Old Joe was on the prowl.

Joe Biden invited some young kids in the front row to join him on stage.

Creepy Joe asked one little boy, “You want to come up? You don’t have to but you can.” 

His handlers don’t have enough sense to put the kids out of arm’s distance from the old perp.

Joe got distracted before he even started his speech. He had just reached the podium when he was already distracted by the little boys and girls in the front row.


Creepy Joe strikes again.

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