Monday 17 October 2022

“Why Should Georgia Voters Give You Another Chance?” Reporters Ambush Warnock, Blame Soaring Inflation on Biden and Democrats in Congress (VIDEO)


Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress own this inflation crisis.

Inflation began soaring after Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled House and Senate spent trillions of dollars.

The American Rescue Act, the Inflation Reduction Act and other massive spending bills passed by Democrats in Congress through reconciliation (no Republicans needed) created the inflation crisis. 

A reporter ambushed Democrat Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock after he voted on Monday and left him briefly speechless.

“Democrats have been in control of the White House, the Congress for the past 2 years. Inflation has soared. Why should Georgia voters give you another chance?” the reporter queried.

Warnock had to gather his thoughts because he’s used to softballs from lapdog reporters.

“We are still in the throes of a pandemic,” Warnock said.


A CNN reporter also called out Warnock for dodging questions…and he dodged the question!

“You sidestepped quite a few questions…Are you being as transparent as you possibly can be?” a CNN reporter said.

“Absolutely,” Warnock said.

“But for instance on President Biden…you didn’t answer it, as well as a number of other questions,” the CNN reporter said.

Warnock dodged and lashed out at the “pundits.”


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