Wednesday 12 October 2022

Study Reveals The Most Dangerous Cities In California

 A recent study shows which cities in the United States are the safest places to live, and highlights the cities in California that are most dangerous.

study from WalletHub looked at over 180 cities for 42 main safety markers. The data varied widely, including the percentage of vaccinated individuals, as well as attacks per capita, unemployment numbers, and roads. The cities received an overall score after getting separate scores in home and community safety, risk of natural disaster, and financial safety.

California had 29 cities on the list, with Fremont, California, being the safest city with a score of around 80 out of 100. The most dangerous city was San Bernardino, California, with a score of 54.4.

The top most dangerous California cities included on the list were San Bernardino, Oakland, Los Angeles, Stockton, Bakersfield, Long Beach, San Francisco, Riverside, Modesto, and Fresno.

Oakland was the eighth most dangerous municipality in the country, receiving a grade of 60.45. City council members recently spoke about the rise in crime after the 102nd homicide this year occurred.

As residents voice frustration, heads of the city point to weapons as a reason for the problem.

“People are fed up, but it was also good to talk to people about how much they are committed to the city,” council president Nikki Fortunato Bas said after meeting with community members. “Guns are the root of this violence that we are seeing, so we have to work at every level to get guns off the streets.”

“People have, consternation, fear anxiety, and it’s not just in one or two neighborhoods, but most, if not all, of the neighborhoods in our city,” councilmember Dan Kalb said.

Kalb noted that people discussed getting rid of guns, but also going after the deeper problems of crime, saying, “What came up today was the importance of investing in prevention programs early on, well before our young boys are falling into the world of crime.”

Crime has been a major issue in the state as Democratic policies, specifically those in major cities, have prioritized the rights of criminals over the enforcement of laws.

The study also looked at the number of law enforcement workers per capita and found that California cities made up the fewest amount. Those cities included Fontana, Modesto, Fremont, Irvine, and Chula Vista. The cities with the most law enforcement per capita were Washington, D.C., New York, Jersey City, St. Louis, and Chicago. When comparing the best city to the worst city, the study noted that Washington, D.C., had seven times as many law enforcement per capita as Chula Vista, California.

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