Friday 14 October 2022

Markets Crash After Inflation Rate Comes in Hot – Core CPI Surges to 6.6% the Highest Rate Since 1982 – Real Wages Declined for Record 18 Months!


Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

The September inflation rate came in hotter than expected on Thursday at 8.2%.
The Core CPI surged to 6.6% – the highest rate since 1982.

Stocks plunged 500 points on the news.


These numbers are devastating for low and middle-class working Americans.

Via Jackie Kotkiewicz.

Overall CPI: +8.2% y/y
Core CPI: +6.6%
Gas: +18.2%
Fuel Oil: +58.1%
Electricity: +15.5%
Groceries: +13%
Meat, Poultry, & Fish: +7.7%
Milk: +15.2%
Eggs: +30.5%
Baby Food: +11.8%
Airline Fares: +42.9%
Real Average Hourly Earnings: -3%

Check this out — Real wages under Joe Biden have declined for a record 18 months. That is catastrophic!

What a disaster!

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