Thursday 20 October 2022

Katie Hobbs FLEES After PBS Interview at ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism While Reporters and Journalism Students Were Held in School Room on Lockdown


Katie Hobbs did it again. According to a new report, Katie Hobbs “quickly left through a freight elevator as reporters were forced to wait in another room” last night following her interview with Arizona PBS.

This is not the first time she has run from reporters and hidden.

There’s something wrong with Katie Hobbs.

Hobbs has been running from reporters for years now. She is running her campaign from her basement and refuses to debate Republican Kari Lake out of sheer terror. 

Katie Hobbs once requested that the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce completely separate the two candidates with drapes, partitions, separate parking, and separate entry points during their gubernatorial forum.

Recently, Katie Hobbs scurried away from a black reporter in such a hurry that she spilled her drink. She later hid in a bathroom until a staffer came to her rescue. 

It is yet to be known whether this was due to the reporter’s skin color or because she is just afraid of answering questions, but it was likely both. 

We reported that Katie Hobbs is so afraid to debate Kari Lake, she requested that the Arizona Clean Elections Commission give the candidates two separate forum interviews on Arizona PBS, but they shot her down. Despite this decision by the commission, leftist Arizona PBS went against them and allowed Katie Hobbs to do a 30-minute interview combating Kari Lake’s previously scheduled interview in place of a debate.

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