Thursday 6 October 2022

‘I’m Right, So Get Over It!’: Dana Loesch Torches ‘The View’ In No Uncertain Terms

 Nationally syndicated radio host Dana Loesch unloaded on the hosts of ABC’s “The View” in a Wednesday Twitter thread.

Loesch responded after the hosts of the midday talk show publicly trashed her for suggesting that a candidate who allegedly paid for an abortion — Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker — was less reprehensible than a candidate who advocated vigorously for the expansion of abortion.

“I’m not willing to make more babies pay for Walker’s actions,” Loesch explained, saying that Republicans should keep their eyes on the ball going into the midterms.

Whoopi Goldberg initiated the attack, saying she was so angry that she was actively restraining herself from calling Loesch a name.


Goldberg began with video from Loesch’s radio show in which the host argued that if the story — which Walker has denied — was true, “Walker used his money to reportedly pay some skank for an abortion and Warnock wants to use all of our monies to pay a whole bunch of skanks for abortions.”

Pointing an accusatory finger in the air, Goldberg announced that there were many women who “found themselves” in the position of needing an abortion. “How dare you call them skanks!”

Goldberg went on to argue that the real point was the hypocrisy — saying that Walker was calling abortion “murder” while he allegedly financed one himself. She then demanded that Loesch stick to the topic — which was Walker’s supposed hypocrisy — instead of calling people names and addressing the fact that in both cases, they were talking about killing unborn babies.

Goldberg attempted to claim the moral high ground at that point, adding, “I’m keeping calling you a name out of my mouth because it’s not the right thing to do.”

“That just exposes the moral rot that’s taking over my party,” the show’s new Republican co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in. “I can’t defend that for a second. As a pro-life woman, to hear someone else like Dana who is pro-life call women who get into situations where they need abortions ‘skanks’ is just shameful and I will not defend that.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin got a few jabs in as well, referring to Loesch as the “spokesperson for the AR-15” and suggesting that she was fine with people shooting other people as long as they weren’t aborting them.

Ana Navarro, the show’s other Republican voice, waited until her co-hosts were finished attacking Loesch before she jumped in to criticize Loesch for daring to attack other women. “I hate it when women attack other women,” she complained.

Loesch let them all have it in no uncertain terms, taking to Twitter to take their arguments apart.

“FIRST OF ALL, @WhoopiGoldberg — I refuse to coddle or celebrate irresponsible women who use abortion as birth control. I’m right, so get over it. That you’re angrier over that than murder speaks volumes about your character,” she began.

Loesch took aim at Griffin as well, adding, “Oh, and @Alyssafarah — good to know you find an honest description of females who use abortion as birth control more heinous than actual murder. Thanks for showing you’re willing to put lives on the chopping block if it means the left will validate you.”

To Hostin, her reply was simple: “My job is a radio host and the whole issue is fairly simple.”

Her final words were aimed at Navarro, responding to her complaint about women attacking other women. “Then she’ll really hate it when they abort them.”

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